How much credit can you get at what salary

There are many reasons to take out a loan. Inheritance, overtime, Christmas bonus, salary increases by promotion or holiday pay are just a few examples. But new projects are often difficult to plan if you do not know how much financial support you can expect from the bank. Payments and income statements of previous years, financing plans, etc. for consultation with. Record your monthly revenue and expenditure situation and see what monthly amount is available to you to finance a loan.

Tip: How much credit can I earn?

Tip: How much credit can I earn?

Often, however, the question arises of how to finance all these claims when one’s own money is insufficient? Especially in a time of particularly favorable interest rates, borrowing to meet their own needs seems particularly appealing. But as much as the temptation of a cheap loan is great, the financial burdens of the loan should still be adjusted to personal financial circumstances.

So before borrowing, there is always the question: How much credit can I actually allow myself as a consumer? The maximum amount of credit you can ultimately afford as a consumer depends largely on your own monthly salary and general creditworthiness. First, of course, it is important to know if a house bank is willing to lend.

The following is a basic requirement for a loan:

The following is a basic requirement for a loan:

the first five points should be known to anyone who is interested in a loan. In contrast, in the case of the LKN, a consumer is generally not completely aware of whether and to what extent negative entries exist in the LKN or not. How much you can ultimately pay as a loan depends on your monthly net income.

This is the only way to get an idea of ​​how much cash remains in a calendar month for a credit. Otherwise, there is the possibility of repaying the loan on a monthly basis, which can ultimately trigger the risk of “slipping” into the debt trap. The difference to this calculation is the free available money, so at the same time the maximum monthly rate for a loan that you can afford!

In principle, however, this amount from the revenue and expenditure account should never be used up completely for a loan rate! Take into account a temporary storage during the credit calculation! You should never be too short before taking out a loan or you will not be able to make any further required purchases except in a sequential order. Until then, every borrowing entails an incalculable risk of default.

Even the often advertised loans with zero percent interest are too expensive, if you do not pay any additional monthly fees!

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